MARCH 7, 2019


We are looking for a musician who can lead the music and singing, and work with April & Pastor Awit to organize and promote the singing circle. If you or someone you know is interested in leading the music every Wednesday, bi-weekly, or monthly, please contact April at


One Voice is a singing circle in Guelph.

It’s an intentional spiritual community that uses the gift, sacredness, and healing power of music to connect our song voices to build community and deeply loving, honoring relationships. We sing songs about community, peace, justice, and the love intelligence that is a part of all things - sometimes known as God, Creator, and Universe. We’re open to exploring songs from different cultures and expressions, and simply being our best selves together.

People of all faiths and cultural backgrounds are welcome to come and sing! No experience necessary!

One Voice is graciously co-hosted by Knox Presbyterian Church & Sugarbush Christian Church. Check us out on Facebook!


IMPORTANT NOTE: We have people with severe allergies to nuts and latex (fundraising bracelets, rubber bands, hair ties), so please don’t bring these items or anything that contains these products. Thank you so much!