on Sabbatical.


Originally published in September 2018


After 7 months of working with a church consultant on sustainability and two congregational meetings, Sugarbush members decided to take a leap of faith. We’re mindful and grateful for the resources (human and financial) that we have as a church and as part of a bigger Disciples family, our energy levels as a small congregation, and our individual need to take a breather. So, to be good stewards of all that we have we’ve decided to put our weekly worship on hold from September - December 2018 to reflect on church, faith, and what they mean in our lives.

We’ll continue to host Dinner Church on the second Wednesday of every month at The Church of the Apostles. We’ll continue to meet with our friends and family from church. We’ll continue to plan and invite others to coffee/tea, movie nights, and discussions. We’ll continue to volunteer and be active in our community.

All of us (members and pastor) are encouraged to reflect, pray, and actively explore our faith, spirituality, and community during these next few months. We’re praying more or praying more regularly, we’re getting outdoors, reconnecting with friends and family, learning a new skill or craft, going to other churches and places of worship (yes, that’s ok!), and learning about God through Christian and other faiths’ spiritual practices (that’s ok, too!).

We’ll be coming back for a family-style Christmas Eve service in late December. We’ll update everyone on our Facebook page, through our e-newsletter, and right here on the website!

It’s funny/ironic/uncanny that it’s Sugarbush’s 7th year and it’s this year that we’ve decided to take some time for discernment, prayer, and visioning. In scripture, the 7th year is a sabbatical, a sabbath, a time of rest.

For six years you shall sow your land and gather in its yield; but the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow, so that the poor of your people may eat; and what they leave the wild animals may eat. You shall do the same with your vineyard, and with your olive orchard.

- Exodus 23:10-11, NRSV

Our intention is to take quality time for ourselves and for our faith, not just what’s leftover at the end of a busy day or week or month. May we do this in the parts of our lives that need it most and our life as a whole. May we be rested and refreshed. And may we find our centre and our Source.

Until we see each other next, peace be with you.

- Pastor Awit & the Core Team