another way to show love.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Do you love this day, tolerate it, or fall somewhere in between?

In elementary school, we handed out Valentine’s Day cards, had awkward dances in the gym, and ate a lot of those cinnamon hearts and Hershey’s Kisses. As an adult, I see a lot of expensive flower arrangements at the grocery store, hear jewelry commercials playing on the radio, and still eat one (or five) too many chocolates. But rather than buying something and instead of just focusing on romantic relationships, there’s another way to show love this Valentine’s Day.

Since February 14 falls on a Thursday, it coincides with the World Council of Churches (WCC)’ weekly, global campaign - Thursdays in Black. This campaign acknowledges that love and relationships for far too many people are marred by violence, coercion, and oppression. Individuals can participate in the call to end rape and violence by wearing all black on Thursday, posting a pic with #ThursdaysinBlack and tagging Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada and Fellowship of the Least Coin (two ecumenical, women’s organizations working towards peace, justice, and reconciliation for women and girls around the world) on social media.

This is one of the most loving things we can do for vulnerable people of all genders and the generations to come - create a world without rape and violence. 

Show some love.

- Pastor Awit