good (Friday) questions.


On Good Friday, Jesus was put on trial before Roman and religious authorities (Mark 15:1-5). On Good Friday, he was whipped, mocked, stripped, and crucified between two criminals (Mark 15:15-32). On Good Friday, Jesus died on a tree (Mark 15:37).

Our own history and daily reality in North America is not so different.

Back in the day, white supremacists tortured, killed, and hung black people from trees like “strange fruit.” Lynchings instilled fear and maintained the racial status quo. Today, black people are still vilified and feared. Today, black people are still discounted, discriminated against, and killed. #blacklivesmatter

Back in the day, generations of indigenous people were ripped from their families and washed of their culture, spirituality, and identity in residential schools. Today, indigenous people are still fighting for ancestral land, clean water, and justice. Today, indigenous women and girls are still going missing and murdered. #mmiw

Back in the day and today, black churches, synagogues, and mosques were/are targeted, attacked, vandalized, and set on fire. Back in the day and today, people of colour, Jews, and Muslims have lived with/still live with the constant fear of hatred and violence because of the colour of their skin, what they wear, and the way that they pray. #theyareus

Today, on this Good Friday, a day when we remember Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross… what can we do to ease the pain and help shoulder the crosses that people in our communities bear? Today, how can we make Good Friday - and everyday - good?

- Pastor Awit