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Drew Gillette
As a graduate of Teacher's College, like so many other young adults of his generation, Drew is diligently working towards a permanent teaching position. In the meantime, he works as a supply teacher in Guelph and wear a lot of hats at Sugarbush. Aside from serving on the Core Team, he also provides direction to the Worship Team, engages the youth of our church through deep conversations, music lessons, camping, and community service, and he is a constant at Men’s Breakfast.

April Burrows
Challenge, depth, transparency, and courage are what April feels is needed for the church to move into the age of faith we are being called into. She believes that Jesus was clear about how we are called to be together on this earth with each other and every living thing. April believes that we have so distorted the message of our connectedness and the consequence is the loss of our own wholeness and holiness. Prayer and contemplation, self-awareness and community are powerful keys to living, leaning into and deepening our relationship with God, self, and others. April helps to guide us in this direction in every thing we do as a church.

Gianni Garbin
Gianni is a native of Toronto, having moved across the pond from Italy when he was just a child. He has a passion for comic books, good films, and hockey. Church wasn't always a big deal for him, although his faith always was. It wasn't until he found the Disciples of Christ that he found a community which appreciated his strengths and dedication. Gianni has been an ardent supporter of Sugarbush since it was an idea on a page. He also co-leads Dinner Church and is the main coordinator of Men’s Breakfast.

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Awit Marcelino is a second-generation Filipino-Canadian from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was a Volunteer Coordinator at an after school program for newcomer and Indigenous high school students, founder of a food and inter-faith exploration group for students, and a union rep for her fellow youth workers.

Now living in Ontario, Awit is a Master of Divinity student at Emmanuel College and the pastor at Sugarbush. She brings her passion for social and economic justice and commitment to inter-faith dialogue to each message, prayer, and post.